Ursa and the Major Key



Ursa and the Major Key is an indie/psychedelic rock band from Plattsburgh, NY. Their first album, Daytime/Nighttime, is out now on Cricket Records.


The band fuses influences from classic artists including The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and The Band, as well as modern artists like Whitney, Beach Fossils, and Levitation Room.


They have built up an extensive show history in the Adirondacks and beyond over the past couple of years, performing in regional staple venues such as the Strand Center for the Arts, the Waterhole, Songs at Mirror Lake, and the Upper Jay Art Center, as well as sharing the stage with acts like Midnight North and Sugaray Rayford.


“Maybe it takes a group like this to do what they have done: a concept album for the first release, the same type of ambitious project that The Beach Boys took on with Pet Sounds and Pink Floyd embraced with Wish You Were Here, the type of endeavor that only a glutton for musical hard labor will welcome. There is a sincerity here that the finest actor could not manufacture.” – Lake Champlain Weekly



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